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April 2, 2011

I have a few fun memories of Becky and myself as teenagers, driving in the car, and quickly pulling over so one of us could hop out and snatch a bunch of pretty wildflowers we had spotted. It was a little silly, but it always made my day.

I experienced a similar joy when I came upon the quote by Louisa May Alcott…We gather simple pleasures like daisies by the way.

Right now the little treasures handed to me come more often in the form of “wormies” found after a good rain, or one of the many rocks in my middle son’s endless collection.  (I’ll probably have to wait until my baby girl is a little older before I’m handed many wildflowers.)  But along the way I also hope to collect other treasures…like the sound of our kids playing together, the taste of a good meal enjoyed with friends, tender conversations with little ones trying to make sense of the world…or the joy my middle son encounters when he walks on a gravel road.  Mommy, rocks!

My hope is that this space can be a place where I can gather these little treasures and remember them.  Thanks for joining me!

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