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Finding joy

April 14, 2011

I was not born to be a housewife. I was the girl that went to school for business so I could work in an office and wear a cute suit. Mature, I know. After the birth of my 3rd child and the realization that daycare equaled my take home pay, we decided that I would stay home TEMPORARILY. Two and a half years later I’m still here… dishes, laundry, cleaning, homework, dinner, bedtime, wake up and do it all over again.

However in the midst of these mundane chores, I’ve also discovered new ways to find my joy. In my search for creative outlets I have found a new love in gardening. I started 2 years ago with only squash and zucchini and now I have a small fenced in area with several different fruits and vegetables. Do I know what I’m doing? Nope. But that’s what Google is for. I am learning and improvising as I go. It’s not pretty but it works for me.  I find extreme satisfaction in planting a tiny seed and watching it grow into something amazing. The whole process is fascinating to me. What’s even better is the fact that my kids love to be a part of it. We’ve spent countless hours weeding and tilling, checking out all the cool bugs in the dirt, and planting. When the vegetables are ready the kids will be first in line to pick them. Whether they eat the veggies or not, it has given us some great quality time together – stress free, no fighting, just playing in some dirt. Pure joy.

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  1. Mormor permalink
    April 19, 2011 4:29 pm

    Love the pic!! Love the blog!!!

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