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You know you’re old when….

May 16, 2011

I am fair-skinned. I love the sun, but it does not love me back. This does not work with my schedule because we are constantly outside at my boys’ sports events. I’m tired of not being able to blow dry my hair because my scalp is sun burnt so I decided to jump in and buy a hat. I’m not a hat girl, haven’t worn one in years. But my hair is finally long enough that I can wear one without looking like a 13-year old little boy. So of course I went to Target and with a time crunch I grabbed a neutral colored hat and checked out. Here’s the kicker – not only did I not try it on, I purchased this hat solely on price and function. This goes against everything I have ever stood for; being the fashion-conscious one of the family I have a reputation to uphold! Oh, but it gets worse. We’re getting ready for baseball practice and a game, which leads to several hours in the sun, so I put the hat on and took a quick look in the mirror. Let’s just say it looked better on the rack. Just then my son walked in and said the hat looked good on me. I cut off the tags. Yes, I took fashion advice from my 9 year old son. Today is a sad, sad day. I feel like I should go purchase some wrinkle cream and a holiday sweater.

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  1. May 16, 2011 2:06 pm

    Becky, that is so funny! I admit that I would probably accept fashion advice from him as well…do you think he’d approve of the holiday sweater??

    Not to worry, though…you’re still the cute one! 🙂

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